Cavity Wall Ties

Wall ties are the unseen, usually metal, components of all cavity walls and are built into the wall as it’s constructed. They are crucial to the stability and safety of the walls, so it’s vital, upon finding a problem with them, to get it resolved as soon and as safely as possible.
Horizontal cracking in walls, bulging walls or lifting of walls just below roof level can be signs that there is some wall tie corrosion or failure present.

Failure of wall ties has become a significant problem in recent years, particularly in older brick properties. The main cause of these failures is rusting. Condensing moisture in buildings gravitates to the cold surfaces of the ties and gathers on them. Over time they corrode and eventually will fail completely, rendering the wall structurally unstable – cracking and bowing – and, in the worst case scenario, building collapse.

It sounds a worrying prospect, but Fairway Construction can help. We are fully-trained and approved by Pam Ties in the installation of cavity wall ties, meaning you can be certain that you are employing a competent and registered wall tie installer.

If our already trusted reputation wasn’t enough, all work conducted comes with a certificate of guarantee on completion, giving you complete peace of mind.

From initial inspection right through to the completed work, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. It’s important to us that we cause as little disruption to your day-to-day life as possible, so we’ll ensure we fit in around you and that the work area remains tidy and safe the entire time we are there.

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